Member Testimonials

I had been a minister for less than a year when I went to my first ANTN conference in October of 1997. To say I was a bit intimidated to be with a group of "seasoned" ministers is a gross understatement. But then I walked into the main meeting room at the UCLA Conference Center in Arrowhead. It was a cold afternoon, and the room was aglow with warm because of a roaring fire in the stone fireplace. At least I thought the warmth was coming from the fire, but then I realized it was more than that. The warm glow was coming mostly from the people in the room. This was confirmed when Dr. Ari Smith-Cortiz walked over to me with open arms, enfolded me in a hug and welcomed me to ANTN. And, I have felt that way about ANTN ever since. It is a big, safe, warm hug, welcoming me home! I am proud to be a member of ANTN and am so grateful to the leadership over the years who have ensured that it remains a warm haven to come home to.
Dr. Michele Whittington, Creative Living Fellowship
Phoenix, Arizona


Types of Membership

Independent Minister
New Thought ministers who have ministries, but not in the context of a Center/Church. Voting member.  

New Thought Centers/Churches
Newly-formed or established New Thought Centers/Churches. Voting member.

New Thought Practitioner/Licensed Unity Teacher
Non-voting member.

Active members of ANTN Centers/Churches who wish to join ANTN individually. Non-voting member.

Person of High Metaphysical Consciousness
Individuals who have demonstrated their leadership role in the New Thought community through their writing, teaching and/or lecturing.
Non-voting member.