Person of High Metaphysical Consciousness

  1. A letter from you stating your request to formally be considered for membership. Include all contact information such as your title, address, phone and fax numbers, email and web site (if applicable).
  2. Copies of any earned credentials related to the New Thought movement.
  3. Your personal mission statement, including the mission and purpose of your association with ANTN.
  4. A $100 application fee.
  5. A short narrative regarding your background in the New Thought movement, including a history of your activity/leadership in the New Thought community.
  6. Copies of flyers or material from classes or workshops you have presented.
  7. Three references related to your leadership activity within the New Thought community (include contact info for references).

Types of Membership

Independent Minister
New Thought ministers who have ministries, but not in the context of a Center/Church. Voting member.  

New Thought Centers/Churches
Newly-formed or established New Thought Centers/Churches. Voting member.

New Thought Practitioner/Licensed Unity Teacher
Non-voting member.

Active members of ANTN Centers/Churches who wish to join ANTN individually. Non-voting member.

Person of High Metaphysical Consciousness
Individuals who have demonstrated their leadership role in the New Thought community through their writing, teaching and/or lecturing.
Non-voting member.