ANTN Speaker Series

Last Wednesday of Each Month

(phone-in seminars)

Join in our extraordinary leadership speaker series.  We are very blessed with this diverse, supportive, informative, and educational opportunity! The calls are open to anyone exploring their spiritual path. The ANTN Speaker Series is a gift from ANTN to the New Thought Community and beyond. Everyone is welcome to phone in and join the connection!

Each call is one hour at 12:00 noon Pacific Standard Time on the last Wednesday of the month.  Just call (641) 715-0700 and enter passcode 231613#.

This month's conversation is on Wednesday, October 25 with Rev. Mark Anthony Lord, on the topic, "Community First."


Previous months' presentations are listed below:


 October 2016: People as Resources with Diane CzerwonkaLoveOffering

Key Points:

    People are not Resources. People are resourceful, but we are not finite assets.
    People are who turn resources into more resources.
    People are not materials, are not disposable like paper clips, are not all the same, or a number on a balance sheet.
    Treating employees as assets instead of as people dehumanizes them and diminishes their motivation to contribute their unique strengths to the organization success.
    Five ways to demonstrate commitment to employees' success.

Download People as Resources notes generously provided by Diane


November 2016: Mission/Vision/Core Values with Rev. Toni Boehm

Key Points:
Is your ministry ready to know, learn, demonstrate, and/or understand the importance of the following?

    What purpose does VMCV serve in the overall management of the ministry?
    How does VMCV clarify your ministries directions?
    What benefits does having a clear VMCV process in place, bring to the spiritual community?

Download a 1-page handout about why VMCV is important

Please enjoy the audio recording of Rev. Toni's presentation:



 December 2016: ANTN History and Benefits with Rev. Ute Maria Cedilla

Key points

    Brief history of ANTN
    ANTN mission and vision
    ANTN core values
    Duties and privileges of membership
    Benefits of ANTN
    Connection with the Emerson Theological Institute
    Personal experience with ANTN

 Please enjoy the audio recording of ANTN History and Benefits:



 January 2017: Ancient Wisdom in Modern Language with Rev. Bill Marchiony

New Thought traces its lineage to Ralph Waldo Emerson in the early 1800s, and even before. The concepts remain constant, but the way we describe the world around us has changed. We’ll discuss some of the language we all understand, but that might be putting barriers on the path of newcomers, and the gentle ways to move around them. Some of them include:

Treatment; Demonstrations; Religious Science; Manifesting; Outpicturing; God; Church; and others...

 Please enjoy the audio recording that discusses New Thought language and how to consciously choose it to communicate with others:


February 2017: Visioning - Your Life's Purpose with Rev. Mary Beth Speer

Key points

Origin of the Visioning process
How visioning differs from visualizing
The four stages of spiritual growth and how to progress through each of them
How to catch the "eternal broadcast" from the Mind of the Divine for intuitive guidance
How to use visioning effectively for both personal and professional pursuits
How to vision your life’s purpose (or anything, for that matter)– the Process

Download a 1-page handout of the Life Visioning Process

Please enjoy the audio recording about the practice and power of visioning:




March 2017: Liberating Our Best Self, Healing the Child Within with Dr. Rick Moss

Key points

1. A discussion of the nature of patterns and how early childhood experience engenders limiting beliefs that cause patterns to repeat throughout life until healing occurs. In Holmes words, “… the monotonous repetition of accepted thought patterns.” Freud called this Repetition Compulsion.
2. How patterns and limiting beliefs are sustained by retained emotions.
3. The Divine, Inherent Nature, our Best Self and how it can be obscured and revealed.
4. The value of visualization in treatment to connect with our Best Self emotionally. Holmes’ recognition the value of emotionally connecting in treatment, in his words, "I have to break through my intellect to the place where my whole being emotionally and intellectually may accept…the evidence.”
5. The role of love and its value in treatment.
6. A guided visualization to bring healing to childhood wounds and misperceptions…experiencing the Best Self beyond limited beliefs.

 Please enjoy this audio recording in which Dr. Rick guides us to reveal our Best Self as we experience a powerful clearing process:




April 2017: Planning Dynamic Classes and Workshops with Rev. Kim Yalda

Key points

Just like Affirmative Prayer/Treatment, start with the end in Mind!
Where do you want to go?
How will you know when you get there?
What experiences will you provide to guide your students in that direction?
How do you ensure each student has experiences they can connect with and relate to?

 Please enjoy this audio recording in which Rev. Kim shares ideas and techniques to create dynamic classes:





May 2017:  Ho'oponopono with Rev. Alison Benjamin

Key points

History and background of Ho'oponopono
Examples of its beauty and power when applied with love
Guided experience of the inner healing it provides

Please enjoy this audio recording in which Rev. Ali guides us through the powerful process of forgiveness:



June 2017:  "Taking Good Care of Yourself" with Rev. Jean Sweet

Key points:

Balance:  You can't serve without it; Four rules to live by; The roles nutrition and rest play in ministry; Committing to yourself.

                Please enjoy the audio recording:



July 2017:  "Integral Ministry Finances" with Rev. Marty Newman

        Key Points:

  • Consciousness:  Leadership, Intentionality
    • Spiritual and practical maturity of Abundance
    • Generosity and accountability
    • Financial acumen
    • Public communication skills
  • Structures:  Practices, Skills, Systems
    • Total transparency with members
    • Finances manifest as divine energy
    • No "need"--wise management of priorities and programs
  • Culture:  Identity
    • Agreement about what "tithing" means
    • Facility and Flexibility
    • Clear, frequent communication
    • Training in personal money management
  • Relationships:  Social Dynamics  
    • Honoring/cultivating financial ownership
    • Engendering trust in leadership
    • Events sponsored with participation
    • Classes/Sunday messages/eblast

                Please enjoy the audio recording:



 August 2017:  "Crucial Conversations" with Rev. Susan Dexter

First Talking Point:  What is a “Crucial Conversation”?
        Three Types:  Opposing Opinions, High Stakes,  Strong Emotions
        How do we handle Crucial Conversations?

Second Talking Point: Start with Heart and stay focused
        First Priority-work in me first, us second
        What do I really want? What do I really want for others? What do I really want for the relationship?
        Refuse the fool’s choice

Third talking point: Staying in dialogue
        Claim one-- Emotions aren’t fog- others don’t make you mad
        Claim two--Once upset, act or be acted upon
                Act, Feel, Tell Story, See/hear

            What if you are stuck?
Fourth talking point-- STATE acronym
    State objective - how to speak persuasively, not abrasively
          The first three letters STA will describe what to do-                     
            S   -Share your facts
            T- Tell your story
            A-ask for others paths
        The last two letters will tell you how to do it
            T-Talk tentatively
            E- Encourage testing

Role Play- A “Crucial Conversation” with Rev Ali


Click below to listen:



September 2017:  "What Does the Person in the Third Row Need?" with Rev. Greg Barrette.

 Key Points:

 "Success in ministry" = 
  • The "sweet spot" at the intersection between what the souls in your ministry need and your own spiritual growth.
  • Finding the balance between spiritualizing the material and materializing the spiritual realms.
  • Moving from getting and giving ego-strokes to having a high functioning healthy ministry of service and spiritual growth.
  • Self-care and balance.
  • Establishing a less-anxious presence in the face of drama.
  • Simplifying and focusing on purpose.

Click below to listen:



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